Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Moon

Her silver light cascades down

Surrounding me

Bathing me

Lighting my path

She rises high in the sky

Full in her glory

Gracious in her nature

Her call even moves the oceans

My dance is spontaneous

Filled with her magic

Entranced by her beauty

Quietly her music fills the air

Silently I give thanks for her gifts

Slowly I drift off to sleep

Swadled in the light, the music, the divine

To dream a dream

of Magic

Over there...

On the right I started a little box called "Some things you might like". From time to time I'll add items to it that I think you like. They'll always be things I've read, tried, or used, and when I can, I'll try and review them.

Currently I have up the Twilight saga, and I think that most people are probably pretty familiar with it by now, but I will say I loved the books, and I'm a guy. I do have 4 daughters, so maybe that rubbed off a little bit, but I've always been able to accept a feminine side of nature, and just because I'm masculine doesn't mean I have to run around beating on my chest or blowing things up all the time (now and then is good!).

The other book I have linked is: Book of Shadows: A Modern Woman's Journey into the Wisdom of Witchcraft and the Magic of the Goddess.

his was a really good book. The title sums it up pretty well, but it is based on a true story. The author was an attorney, who for most of the book works for a large record label firm. She got invited one night to attend a gathering of sorts, and though she was nervous she agreed to go with her friend. From there things are interesting, she learns some of the truth behind magic and witchcraft, and women in general. She's unsure about many parts of it, and does a lot of research about lots of the things she learns and experiences. In the end she comes to embrace the divine nature that is inherent in all of us.

Its a great story, and very moving. I kept discussing various parts of the book with my wife, and after a few days she even said, "Since when are you such a women's rights activist?". I had learned a lot about some women's issues I had never considered before, and was disturbed by some of them. I had never been an activist, but I guess I had been more vocal. We had to hash out that comment for awhile, since I've always been in favour of her staying home with the kids, or anything else that she told me she wanted to do.

The book will get you thinking, and I hope you enjoy it as much I did. If you read it, or have read it, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Moon

You might say I've always known I was a little different, but you'd be more correct to say the people around me always knew I was a little different.

My grandpa tells me, when I was little (much smaller than I am now) every night I would climb up on lay on the back of the couch and watch the moon through the large living room window. They'd find me sleeping there, and carry me off to bed.

As everyone knows the moon doesn't stick to a strict schedule, and it was one of those times when it was rising a little earlier in the evening, so that before I would fall asleep the moon would pass over the house and I wouldn't be able to see it anymore. When this happened, grandpa says I was quite upset, and crying and it took them awhile to figure out I was crying because I couldn't see the moon anymore. So from then on, every night he'd take a chair out into the backyard for me to sit and watch the moon, and he'd carry me after I'd fallen asleep.

I'm still fascinated by the heavens. I love to star gaze, watch clouds as they drift across the sky, and I love to watch the moonrise. Some believe that the moon represents the Goddess, in three of her aspects. I hadn't really spent much time thinking about that, but perhaps there's more truth than we know, and maybe that's where my love and gift for magic started. I don't know, and for now, the moon's not telling.

Excuse the mess.

Please excuse the mess, I'm remodeling the blog. The posts are still here, so feel free to read on, and really its just cyber dust, so your allergies will be ok. I've found a template that I like, so I'm doing some rearranging, moving the furniture around if you will. Feel free to stay, and kick your feet up, I'll happily work around you.

Friday, July 24, 2009

As the day went by...

You can't tell by looking at it, but I did a lot of work on the blog today! I searched around many gadgets trying to find something useful. I found many things, but none of them quite right. I wanted to put on a little gadget that would tell you your horoscope. I thought I found one, it claimed it could "save" your info, so that when each of you came back, it would show your own horoscope, not mine or someone else's. But alas, it didn't save. Every time I refreshed the page, it was sitting there asking me for my birth date. Then I found a kinda nifty gadget that shows you the moon phase for the current week...but it didn't sit quite right either. So in the end, I left off all the gadgets. I did get the ads tweaked though, so they look more seamless, and less annoying.

Then I started browsing blogs around blogger. I saw many interesting things, and a great many are foreign, and I couldn't understand a word of them, though some had nice pictures and those may have been worth a thousand words but those are the kind of words I can understand! I came across a couple of blogs that showed off templates...so I might have to play with some of those in the coming days, and I hope that goes better than my gadget debacle.

On the other side of the day...I've been reading a nifty book. I'll put up a link to it soon, I'm only a little ways in. I'm at a section talking about psychic abilities, and has a test, to find out where your specialties lie. Sure sure, psychics should already know the outcomes right? Well, it doesn't really work that way, and it helps to read, and learn. You can decide to focus more on your strengths, or pursue your weaknesses.

I scored the highest in the areas of Intuition, and Precognition. I've always known I was intuitive, but I didn't realize some of the things that fall into that area. The things I've always done instinctively, or just "known". I never thought about how "knowing" is closely tied to intuition. The precognition thing I never thought much about either. I don't really talk to people much about the many feelings of
Déjà vu I have all the time. Or that feeling you get, when you know what's about to happen. I learned awhile back that people really start to look at you funny when you tell them what they're about to say. I scored almost as high in the clairaudient area, but I always knew I was abnormal there.

If you learn something, then its a good day...so I guess overall it has been a good day, and now I'll bid you a good night.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The rain falling down...all around

The smell of the moisture intoxicating, mixing, blending

The pine trees near by add to the scent, a clean evergreen

Pitterpat, the rain falls down, all around

Dripping, hitting, rippling, the lake bursts into a thousand tiny puddles.

There, a break, in the clouds...

A stream of light, a rainbow, the rain falls down, all around

Dripping, dropping...the rain its stopping

But it leaves me with its scent, its cleansing, its renewing.

I smile to myself, with the memories...

Of Rain.

The Rainy Soul

What is a "rainy soul"? Does it apply to someone that's depressed, down, or generally blue? Maybe its a person that causes rain. You've probably heard the phrase "He's got an old soul", but have you ever had anyone say, "He's got a rainy soul", and if you did, what would you think they meant?

Personally I love the rain, we never get enough of it here. I think the rain is magical, and cleansing. I love rainstorms, and thunderstorms, and just light sprinkles. And of course, there would be no rainbows without rain (and consequently no leprechauns)! The smell of the rain always makes me smile, its very calming and centering.

So, do I have a rainy soul? I think so. I think its magical (and I believe in magic), at times cleansing, and hopefully sometimes I create rainbows in the lives of those around me. Do you have a rainy soul, or know one?

This space is dedicated to that magical rainy soul. Here will be my ramblings and wanderings on a magical journey of change, beginnings, renewals, and growth. Come take a walk with me, who knows what we'll see. Gods and Goddesses, the Sun, Moon, Stars, perhaps a fairy or two, and maybe even some rain.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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