Friday, July 24, 2009

As the day went by...

You can't tell by looking at it, but I did a lot of work on the blog today! I searched around many gadgets trying to find something useful. I found many things, but none of them quite right. I wanted to put on a little gadget that would tell you your horoscope. I thought I found one, it claimed it could "save" your info, so that when each of you came back, it would show your own horoscope, not mine or someone else's. But alas, it didn't save. Every time I refreshed the page, it was sitting there asking me for my birth date. Then I found a kinda nifty gadget that shows you the moon phase for the current week...but it didn't sit quite right either. So in the end, I left off all the gadgets. I did get the ads tweaked though, so they look more seamless, and less annoying.

Then I started browsing blogs around blogger. I saw many interesting things, and a great many are foreign, and I couldn't understand a word of them, though some had nice pictures and those may have been worth a thousand words but those are the kind of words I can understand! I came across a couple of blogs that showed off I might have to play with some of those in the coming days, and I hope that goes better than my gadget debacle.

On the other side of the day...I've been reading a nifty book. I'll put up a link to it soon, I'm only a little ways in. I'm at a section talking about psychic abilities, and has a test, to find out where your specialties lie. Sure sure, psychics should already know the outcomes right? Well, it doesn't really work that way, and it helps to read, and learn. You can decide to focus more on your strengths, or pursue your weaknesses.

I scored the highest in the areas of Intuition, and Precognition. I've always known I was intuitive, but I didn't realize some of the things that fall into that area. The things I've always done instinctively, or just "known". I never thought about how "knowing" is closely tied to intuition. The precognition thing I never thought much about either. I don't really talk to people much about the many feelings of
Déjà vu I have all the time. Or that feeling you get, when you know what's about to happen. I learned awhile back that people really start to look at you funny when you tell them what they're about to say. I scored almost as high in the clairaudient area, but I always knew I was abnormal there.

If you learn something, then its a good I guess overall it has been a good day, and now I'll bid you a good night.

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