Saturday, July 25, 2009

Excuse the mess.

Please excuse the mess, I'm remodeling the blog. The posts are still here, so feel free to read on, and really its just cyber dust, so your allergies will be ok. I've found a template that I like, so I'm doing some rearranging, moving the furniture around if you will. Feel free to stay, and kick your feet up, I'll happily work around you.


julochka said...

i kicked up a little cyber dust myself in the past week (love that term, by the way, let's see if we can get it into the dictionary by leaving it around here and there)...anyway, i was going to say that a little bloggy remodeling just might be going around.

thanks for stopping by to visit me. i'll be back as soon as i'm back from my trip. :-)

Rainysoul said...

Thanks for visiting! :) You're the first one I know of that I didn't personally ask to stop by! lol

I'm with ya on the on the cyber dust thing...but if we make it a real word, then will be start getting cyber allergies? Or would that just be from the cyber pollen on those flower pics you have up?