Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Rainy Soul

What is a "rainy soul"? Does it apply to someone that's depressed, down, or generally blue? Maybe its a person that causes rain. You've probably heard the phrase "He's got an old soul", but have you ever had anyone say, "He's got a rainy soul", and if you did, what would you think they meant?

Personally I love the rain, we never get enough of it here. I think the rain is magical, and cleansing. I love rainstorms, and thunderstorms, and just light sprinkles. And of course, there would be no rainbows without rain (and consequently no leprechauns)! The smell of the rain always makes me smile, its very calming and centering.

So, do I have a rainy soul? I think so. I think its magical (and I believe in magic), at times cleansing, and hopefully sometimes I create rainbows in the lives of those around me. Do you have a rainy soul, or know one?

This space is dedicated to that magical rainy soul. Here will be my ramblings and wanderings on a magical journey of change, beginnings, renewals, and growth. Come take a walk with me, who knows what we'll see. Gods and Goddesses, the Sun, Moon, Stars, perhaps a fairy or two, and maybe even some rain.

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