Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Moon

You might say I've always known I was a little different, but you'd be more correct to say the people around me always knew I was a little different.

My grandpa tells me, when I was little (much smaller than I am now) every night I would climb up on lay on the back of the couch and watch the moon through the large living room window. They'd find me sleeping there, and carry me off to bed.

As everyone knows the moon doesn't stick to a strict schedule, and it was one of those times when it was rising a little earlier in the evening, so that before I would fall asleep the moon would pass over the house and I wouldn't be able to see it anymore. When this happened, grandpa says I was quite upset, and crying and it took them awhile to figure out I was crying because I couldn't see the moon anymore. So from then on, every night he'd take a chair out into the backyard for me to sit and watch the moon, and he'd carry me after I'd fallen asleep.

I'm still fascinated by the heavens. I love to star gaze, watch clouds as they drift across the sky, and I love to watch the moonrise. Some believe that the moon represents the Goddess, in three of her aspects. I hadn't really spent much time thinking about that, but perhaps there's more truth than we know, and maybe that's where my love and gift for magic started. I don't know, and for now, the moon's not telling.


Michelle said...

I love to stargaze as well. Helps you keep things in focus. You'll need to explain the three aspects of the goddess represented by the moon for those of us that are unfamiliar with what you are referencing here.
It's also amazing how clueless adults, well people in general, can be. I guess that quiet period of our childhoods is to attempt to teach them to better listen in the silence - a skill in which we could all use some improvement.

4evernite said...

You have a gift for magic? I guess though, in a way, we all do. I just haven't discovered mine yet. I can see why you like the "Twilight" stories now :-) My daughter went to see the movie. I've yet to see or read either. I may though.

Rainysoul said...

The books are very good, and it would give you some fun conversations with your daughter. We all have some magical talents, especially if you open your eyes to magic and let yourself see it. Creation is entirely magical, whether you've created a poem, a painting, a book, or a child. I even think its a special type of magic to be able to appreciate the work of when you watch someone play a moving piece on the piano. There are more...esoteric forms that people usually label "magic" I have a few gifts, and some I work most people. :)