Sunday, August 16, 2009


The page is blank
The canvas dry
I sit alone and wonder why, when...

She calls to me in darkness
Her silvery voice alluring
I listen carefully to the tinkling whispers on the wind

Her scent fills my senses
Roses, lilies, earth, rain
I inhale deeply as my head swims with images

Mouth-watering in anticipation
Her nectar is luscious, lingering, savoring
I lick my lips, and take a bite, the fruit is ambrosia on my tongue

Her beauty is alluring
Elegant in her exquisiteness she moves
I am blessed to behold her loveliness, drunk in the vision before me

She brushes up against me
Feathery silky caresses
I reach for her warm embrace, enraptured by her grace

With her presence draped around me
Through me, filling me, sustaining me
I am moved to reach for the stars, move the mountains, and achieve the impossible

The page is full
The canvas drying
I sit full of wonder and awe, at the magic of it all


Anonymous said...

I like the use of chiasm (inverted A-B-A), reminds me of Hebrew poetry and narrative. Your muse sounds like a great glass of red wine, which sadly I will have to drink in your stead, LOL. I'd love to see you embrace some even more confining poetic structures, I think you'd be up to the challenge of expression within constraint.


Rainysoul said...

Toss me some ideas of what you might like to see. ;)

I've actually just been writing kind of free form...letting it take whatever shape feels right. I used to write a lot of poetry...years back.

4evernite said...

I myself prefer free form as restraints always make my writing feel a bit lifeless, like it has no heart.
When you're staring at a blank page wanting to write something, anything... it's a great feeling when your muse finally arrives and your fingers take a life of their own.
I have to admit your imagery here made me forget for a moment that you were talking about writing. Hmmm. Enjoyed!

Rainysoul said...

Writing more about inspiration then just writing, and I'm glad it could inspire some imagery for you. :)

Michelle said...

Wow, this is very sensual, and not just because you tap into every sense. Your word choice and pacing create imagery that works on many levels. The bookend verses are a nice touch. Keep writing!