Monday, September 14, 2009

Autumnal Equinox

Here in the northern hemisphere the Autumnal Equinox is soon approaching. This year its September 22nd. For those that don't know, it marks the first day of fall. It also the time when day and night meet in equal length, from here on out the nights will be longer then the days.

Having always been somewhat in tune with nature, there's always an energy in the air during these times. Many people feel it, maybe you always have as well, and just didn't realize what it is. Its the first year that I'm going to try and really celebrate the Earth's change.

The start of fall is a harvest time, and along with many celebrations going on around the world, it is also a deeply personal type of day. We should take a moment to harvest our selves. To take stock in our lives, to give thanks for all that we have in abundance, and to open yourself to the possibilities in the making. Just as crops are harvested, the earth is tilled and prepared for the next year, so to should we be. I know its easy to focus on the bad and what we don't have, so today is not that day. Clear your mind of all that negativity, and think about all you do have, and all that is good in your life. Unlike things like "New Years resolutions" we don't need to make a list, and compare with friends, or even against ourselves. Just celebrate your goodness.

With so many things out of balance in our lives, and the world around us, it is also a perfect day to find our balance. The Earth is in balance, and easily lends its strength to you, to help you balance. One way to find your balance is to start by sitting or standing quietly with your eyes closed. Breathe deeply and pay attention to your body. How does your body feel? Take some time to really feel it, let your thoughts drift to each of your limbs, your torso, your head. If any of it feels out of balance see if you can find way, and make the internal adjustments needed to fix it. Now focus your thoughts further inward on your mind and soul. What do you feel? If you're having trouble finding balance here, try bringing up a little energy from the earth your sitting on, let it flow through you. You don't have to give it any specific directions, just think about finding your balance. It will come. Remember at this time the Earth is in balance, that comes with the autumnal equinox between day and night, light and dark, activity and rest.

There are often other celebrations going on, like Oktoberfest, if you want to look around, but you can also quietly celebrate the changing of the seasons alone, or with a loved one. Going for a walk, and paying special attention to the world around you, the changes going on as fall is here, the Earth prepares for a nice long nap. Decorate your home with the colours of the season, the reds, browns, oranges, candles, leaves, a harvest horn.

Do you have anything special you do at this time? I'd love to hear about it! If you decide to try any of these ideas, I'd like to hear your thoughts and feelings there too. I wish you all balance, abundance, and magic in your lives.


Betty said...

I was so much delighted to read your post:)
I loved the last paragraph!

4evernite said...

I throw out a few Fall colors in and around my home and we used to go up north to the Oktober Fest. It's a German themed small town in the mountains. They have a Fest Hall we would dance at. Beautiful Fall colors and festivities.
When Fall and/or Spring arrives I tend to go on another soul search. Something about the change of seasons that does that to me.

Sobrina Tung said...

You totally hit the nail on the head for me. I DO feel the energy and that is exactly what it must be -- feeling the changing of the seasons. I will have to give your suggestions a try - I am all about the balance.

Rainysoul said...

Thanks Betty! :)

Some of the Oktoberfest stuff is so amazing! I went once on a slavakian night, so much fun, and food, and dancing!

I'm so glad you stopped by, I love your blog! :) Yup, so much energy as the seasons shift, its pretty neat! Let me know how it goes, hope you find some balance (not sure all that new coffee will help, lol)!

Steve Julian said...

I never realized that the days and nights were equal at this time. Don't why that didn't occur. I enjoy the concept of balance. It is something that everyone should strive for. It should be the minimum of how we are.

Rich said...

So that was yesterday huh? I sure hope that wasn't "my balance", my allergies kicked up so bad I was stuck in bed most of the day. :( Fall to me means football, or the other way around. You can smell football weather, it is a little sweeter, a little crisper, and really gets the blood flowing!

Michelle said...

We don't get to experience much in the way of seasonal change in Texas, but I do really look forward to enjoying the fall harvest by eating all sorts of foods made with pumpkin or apples. Gotta love the tastes of the season! Yet, pumpkin seems to be in short supply this year. ;-(