Monday, November 23, 2009

If there's a God...

I've been trying to have conversation with people I don't know, as sort of practice to be able to talk to the people I do know about my religious/spiritual decisions.  As you can imagine, some conversations go better than others.  I have noticed something that I find quite odd though.  Many people believe in God in some form or another, but for some reason get really upset or offended at the idea there may be more then one God.  Or even that the God I believe in is different from yours.  Why is it that we're able to accept our own belief in something we can't see, or touch, but someone else's beliefs...well those are just wrong.  They're a heretic, or insane, sometimes we use our beliefs to "condemn" them.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dad update...

So my dad had his gallbladder out.  He has been passing a lot of stones, which is bad.  Apparently with diabetes your pain nerves don't work the same, and so he hasn't had the all consuming pain that comes with knowing something is wrong.  The surgeon said he should have had his gallbladder removed about 2 years ago.  The stones passing caused some scarring which made it so his liver couldn't function right.

During the surgery they found that he had passed another stone, so he had to have a second surgery the next day to have that stone removed.  They also did a biopsy of his liver and pancreas, so they could rule out cancers, or further damage.  We won't have the results of that for a few more days, for now he's home, and getting better.

Hopefully that was the worst of it, and now all my dad will have to worry about is how to pay for it all.  :S

Monday, November 2, 2009

"Life sucks and then you die....and then it sucks some more."  Georgia Lass--Dead Like Me.

I can really relate to this lately.  My sister and friend came up to visit, and that was fun for a few days.  I got a call from a place to go take a typing test and a placement test.  They want 45wpm, and I did 60, so I'm hopeful.  Then there was the call about my dad.  He's turned yellow. 

I talked him into going to the ER, and they did some tests, and pretty much could only rule out most forms of hepatitis and a blockage from stones.  He does have gallstones, but the ct scan didn't show a blockage.  They took 5 vials of blood for testing...  After 3 days he was finally able to get in to see his doctor.  They ordered more blood tests, and an MRI, and took a week getting him an appointment for a "specialist" that is taking him another week to get into.  Of course I'm freaking out.  There are NO good reasons for a person to turn yellow.  The only not bad reason is if the CT scan missed a blockage that the MRI picked up, and they can do a "minor" surgery.  If its not a blockage, that pretty much leaves liver failure of some form, liver cancer, or pancreatic cancer.  Liver cancer is always secondary...meaning its already moved from some other organ, meaning its stage 4, and pretty much terminal.  I'm not sure I can handle losing 3 people to cancer 3 years in a row.  It also seems like it can only be something major if the doctor is fine with taking nearly 3 weeks to get a diagnosis (assuming the specialist can give him one in a reasonable amount of time)...  I mean, the only reason you let somebody wait that long when they're YELLOW is because you already know there's not much you can do for them, right?

Dad is supposed to see the doc tomorrow, they told him to bring someone that can stay with him for 4-5 hours of tests.  I'm trying to tell him not to stress out about all the doctors bills he'll have...but I suppose its easier to focus on that, then that he might be dying...

So yeah...I still haven't been blogging much, and I'm sorry about that, but I haven't quite felt up to it.  Still no job, not many prospects.  Unemployment running out in a few weeks unless I get an extension, and now this.  It was nice to get some of this out though, and I'll try and post something more positive soon.