Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dad update...

So my dad had his gallbladder out.  He has been passing a lot of stones, which is bad.  Apparently with diabetes your pain nerves don't work the same, and so he hasn't had the all consuming pain that comes with knowing something is wrong.  The surgeon said he should have had his gallbladder removed about 2 years ago.  The stones passing caused some scarring which made it so his liver couldn't function right.

During the surgery they found that he had passed another stone, so he had to have a second surgery the next day to have that stone removed.  They also did a biopsy of his liver and pancreas, so they could rule out cancers, or further damage.  We won't have the results of that for a few more days, for now he's home, and getting better.

Hopefully that was the worst of it, and now all my dad will have to worry about is how to pay for it all.  :S


Michelle said...

So glad to hear they found a cause. We'll keep praying that there is no cancer, for wisdom for the doctors, and for your family to experience some peace. You are in my thoughts, but I haven't wanted to bother during writing month. I hope that your novel is progressing. I have two other acquaintances working on the same goal. Can't wait to see the results if any one feels up to sharing.

Rainysoul said...

Bother away! I've not been doing the novel writing this month...it would be one more thing distracting me from my fruitless search to find a decent job. :S