Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Digging in.

I wrote last time about balance, and the need to find it.  Since then I had an epiphany about part of why my balance is off, and while I haven't fully decided what steps to take, just the realizing of it has helped me feel a lot better.

Usually when we feel out of balance, its more then one thing, which makes it so there's no easy "fix-all".  With each step though, we can start to see a little more clearly, and can find things to help with the rest.  Now that's its finally getting warmer, and isn't threatening to rain every day, I can get outside and start working with the earth again.  The earth is well rooted, and huge source of balance for us.  We stand on it after all, and steady ourselves, dance, walk, run, and meander upon it.  Digging into it can be deeply rewarding.