Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Does magic exist?

I recently read an article (can't find it now!) where a lady stated that magic does not exist.  Her basis for this judgement was that if magic does/did exist we'd all have everything we could ever want, and therefore we'd all be happy and there would be world peace.

I really wish I could smack this lady and ask her what she's smoking.  What kind of naivete is this?  We'd all be happy?  Does this woman not realize that even with the best of intentions people can and do have diametrically opposing wants.  One small example, boy wants girl, girl doesn't want boy...boy says, "I wish she'd love me" (simple version of magic, for this argument)...well boy is happy, but its not what girl wants, so is she happy?  You could claim she wouldn't know better, but that's really a stretch.  How about, "I wish for all the money in the world!"?  Well I'm happy, but what about all you poor saps?  Maybe you don't need money, since you can just wish up what you want...but what if you want some of the money?  Taking it to the inevitable end is the, "I want you dead".  Wether its a person, or people.  Hitler, Stalin, or anyone else or any other extremist.  I want that race of people dead.  I want that group of people that don't like me dead.  I want that group of people that don't believe in my God dead.  Well again I'm happy....but what about the happiness of the people I've destroyed?

I don't remember if the lady was christian, but I'd definately say that you can't believe in prayer and not believe in magic.  Is there a difference in praying for a job, or casting a spell for a job?  Perhaps the way you communicate with your god is different then how I do, but the message is the same.

My wife argues with me that magic doesn't exist.  I say, define magic.  Arthur C. Clarke wrote:  Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.  A polaraoid camera, cell phone, or many other things we take for granted a thousand years ago...  A doctor makes some notes on a paper, gives it to another guy, who gives you a pill to take, and *POOF* you're all better.  That's pretty magical.  Sure you argue now days that that is science, but I believe there are scientific explanations to why a spell works.  Just because we don't know them, doesn't make them any less effective.  People didn't understand gravity, and yet they didn't fall off the Earth.  There are still universal laws we don't know, and don't understand.

What do you think?  Magic, no magic?  And if you say no, do you pray, and how do you think that's different?

The moon is still full tonite, though starting to wane...don't forget to notice, and give thanks to the goddess.



Rich said...

Magic is dying because the imagination of people as a group is dying. There isn't anymore wonder, or people thinking what if, now it is I want, I want, I hate, I hate. Magic cannot exist in that realm. For children magic is alive and well, most of them anyway, some of them have already become the I want or programmed to be I hate, and then the magic dies. The lady you speak of was more than likely some crazy Evangelical, that of course if you don't believe exactly the way she does, then well you are burning in Hell. She will also try to belittle anyone else's beliefs as heathen, or backwards(which is the epitome of hypocrisy, since most Evangelicals marry their brothers and sisters, but anyhoo). The main point is that magic exists where there is belief, and belief must be strong, or it is just nothing, empty blades of grass in the wind. Some cultures believe, Indian Tribes, differing Nationalities, it depends on if you believe and how much. Also in how you are brought up. Virtually any technology we have today, even washing your hands would be considered "magic" back in the day. Today's magic is different, it is a belief, an attitude, a yearning to know more. Can you shoot fireballs from your fingers? Of course not(though if you can, I got this list of people I would like fireballs shot at..... :D ) Does that rule out magic? Wishing on a shooting star? Can any religious nutbag zealot honestly on a bible tell me they haven't done that? Good to see you back, posting daily is good cheap therapy, check out my newest blog(strictly about politics! yikes! :p) http://anindependentviewpoint.blogspot.com/ let me know what you think.

Kim: said...

Thinking that magic is only about getting what you want is so ... limiting. Great post -- made me think.

Rainysoul said...

Rich, Very thoughtful. I agree. :)
Politics...boy there's a can of worms! lol I'll get over to visit! :)

Kim, Thanks a lot! I always hope to be able to make people think.

Anonymous said...

I think that Magic even in its basic form can exist on the earth. Their are those that posses the ability to wield it, but don't for fear of persecution. Of course you could argue that it doesn't exist, but can anyone really define of argue what another person believes. I don't believe in magic, because I just don't. But in the same sense can you fault me for believing in a God? I always wonder why people have to have things black and white. Is there really not a gray area?? Can't we just let people believe what they will, and in the end we will figure it all out?