Thursday, August 26, 2010

Drawing Down the Moon

The leaves crunch softly beneath my feet
The wind gently tussles my hair
the night lit up all around me
As the full moon, and the Goddess smile down

I slip out of my shoes and feel the warmth of the Earth
Its energy fills me
Embraces me
Surrounds me
and grounds me

I raise my arms out, feeling the wind
The air lifts me
Guides me
Accelerates me
and sets my spirit soaring

I look heavenward, the moon fills my vision
Its light bathes me
Holds me
Empowers me
and draws me in

I am at one with my Goddess and the universe
As they are one with me.
We give and take
Share and Keep
Accept and forgive
I am reborn and made whole again in the love and the light of all

I give thanks to the universe
To the Goddess
To my fellow beings
and to the Earth

I return to myself again with
and empowerment

I am Whole
I am Loved
I am Enough