Thursday, September 9, 2010

Where does magic exist?

I was looking through my stats and it turns out a lot of people are wondering if magic exists.  So I thought I'd write a series of articles about magic, what is magic, and finding magic in today's world.

Defining magic isn't a completely easy thing to do.  One definition is: Any art that invokes supernatural powers.  By the above definition if you say a prayer to find a job, or for your child to get over a're doing magic.

Some people really like to use the "k", and say magick.  Well Aleister Crowley says in the broadest sense, is any act designed to cause intentional change.  Well if I punch you in the nose, I'm definitely acting to cause intentional change.  How about if I just hope to pass that math test on Friday?  Does that count?

Personally I don't care if you spell it magic, or magick, I just lump it all together.  It's easier not to split hairs here when we're trying to find a common ground. Part of the problem here is our understanding of the world (universe), and the natural vs. the supernatural. 100 years ago things like the plague were considered an act of God...people thought their cow's didn't give milk because some old lady down the road didn't like them.

You could argue that psychic abilities are magic.  They appear supernatural at times, but are they really?  There could easily be natural laws governing the use of psychic phenomenon and perhaps in another 100 years, now will look as silly as it does when we think of people thinking the world was flat, or not understanding gravity.  You don't have to understand gravity, or even know the word "gravity" to be stuck to the earth.  It works whether you believe in it or not.  It wasn't that long ago that we thought the atom to be the smallest particle that existed.
Can I cast a spell and cause change in your (our) world?  Sure.  Can I read tarot cards and find out things about you that I didn't know before?  Yes.  Can I have psychic impressions (any form), and find out things about you, my surroundings, or events happening or to happen?  Absolutely.  Is that magic?  That really depends on how you want to define it.  One minute there are no clouds in the sky, and a few minutes later there are several.  Magic?  My little girl might think so, science would say no.
Me?  I say magic exists.  Even when I understand how something with clouds.  I learned about evaporation, condensation, and all those other big words that make up the water cycle.  But that water on the ground can become invisible, then turn into something big and white (sometimes) and float through the sky in a visible formation...and then fall down again as something physical that makes me wet...and gives life to the plants and animals....sounds like magic to me!


Cris A said...

Magic is reason for things you can't ascribe reasons to. Haha I guess I'm a romantic fool after all. Nice read as always.

PS Love the makeover you did on this site. And oh cool music! :D

Rainysoul said...

lol, being a romantic fool isn't a bad thing. :)

I'm glad you like the changes. Got the app through your site, I'll be writing about the music later. Did the makeover because it seemed like I needed a nice change for fall.

eg said...

I think I like the idea of making a difference using little magics that are available to anyone with the faith to try them.