Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where to find the magic?

Is anyone else doing nanowrimo? I'm trying to, but I'm way behind.

So in our last episode "Where does magic exist?" we spent some time defining magic, discussing it some, and deciding that it does in deed exist. So if it does exist, where do we find it?

Well where to find it, to some extent, depends on how you defined it. To me, magic is everywhere. That's why I've put the music on my site, and why I picked those songs. To me, they each contain some type of magic. They make you move, smile, laugh, cry. They make you think, write, and inspire. They may fill you with joy, or sadness. Music can also instantly transport you to specific time and place. You know you each have a song that when it plays you're instantly transported back to that summer day, the prom, your wedding day...or the day you had your heartbroken.