Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where to find the magic?

Is anyone else doing nanowrimo? I'm trying to, but I'm way behind.

So in our last episode "Where does magic exist?" we spent some time defining magic, discussing it some, and deciding that it does in deed exist. So if it does exist, where do we find it?

Well where to find it, to some extent, depends on how you defined it. To me, magic is everywhere. That's why I've put the music on my site, and why I picked those songs. To me, they each contain some type of magic. They make you move, smile, laugh, cry. They make you think, write, and inspire. They may fill you with joy, or sadness. Music can also instantly transport you to specific time and place. You know you each have a song that when it plays you're instantly transported back to that summer day, the prom, your wedding day...or the day you had your heartbroken.

Magic exists in our world. Nature contains an intense amount of magic, and to some extent we share in that everywhere. We can also create! To create life is a special type of destroy life is another. Entropy is just as important as creation. The world would fill up with stuff...until either we were stuffed full, or until all available material was used up. Creation is sort of a misnomer, its really transformation, but that makes it no less powerful. I made changes to the site design, and layout to bring in some different nature then what was there, and to add colour!

Colour is powerful (and yes I know I spell it wrong for Americans, but something are just like that.). Marketing people use colour all the time to try and make things look more appetizing, or appealing. So do women with their makeup. We associate colour with age; grey hair. Specific emotions can be invoked by certain colours. One of my daughters says she likes to wear "happy colours". We even use them to describe certain things, "He's green with envy.", for example.  The seasons each arouse colours in us. Not everyone's would be the same, like with all magic, we add our own personal touches. If I asked people, "What colour is summer?", how many different answers might I get? Colour, or lack of it, is also apparent in our health. When someone doesn't look well, their colour is off. The same is true of your aura, and your chakras. And colour is also used a lot in spells, so much so, there is even a type of magic focussing on colour.

Relationships carry a special type of magic all their own. Friends, spouses, lovers, family, acquaintences...they each have positive and negative magics. They can uplift us, and tear us down. Leave us in the darkest depsair, or lift us until we're walking on clouds, and looking down at the Earth.

Where is magic? How do you find it? Stop and look around. If you slow down, and let it, it will find you, and reveal itself.


Steve Julian said...

I believe you. It is hard sometimes to see the magic. We need to recognize it in everyday things and people. Nice music that accompanies your site. I tried the writing thing, wrote 600 words and stopped. There is one lady that I follow, Penny lane who is doing it and has done it in the past. She is one that I follow. good writing to you.

Rainysoul said...

Nice Steve. You made it about 600 further then some people make it! I'm stuck at about 4,200. I'll get some more in before the end, but I've been working to, so that makes it harder.

I agree, its not always easy to see the magic, we tend to get caught up in the ordinary, and even forget to see the magic in ourselves.