Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just stopped in...

Just a break from working and writing on my Nano. I've managed to hit 5,000 words, which I think is better then last year!  Hurrah!

I haven't had any comments yet (as I write this) on my last post. So I was wondering if it was to dark, or if people who wanted some sort of vengeance were afraid to speak up, some other thing, or all of the above? So I went digging through my stats, and most of the visitors to my blog since I wrote that post, didn't even see that post.  They're reading stuff I wrote months ago!  lol

Well, I guess I'm glad to just have visitors, and maybe they'll stick around for longer, and read more.

Better get back to the novel, I'm still around 9,000 behind for finishing on time!


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