Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January's Full Moon

Wondering what to do with the upcoming full moon?

The upcoming full moon on January 9th is sometimes called the Cold Moon, or the Wolf Moon. This is the time of year when the great sleep has kicked in, and we're all feeling a bit sluggish. Just as the cold outside causes the plants and animals in the area to slow down growth, and hibernate, we naturally want to do the same thing. It helps us preserve the warmth we have, and conserve the food that instinctually we know is scarcer this time of year. Just because we're in a global society now more then ever doesn't change that our genetic coding tells us this is the time to slow down, and plan for the thaw.

This is part of the reason we stop and take stock of the past year, and make resolutions for the future. As your thoughts turn inward, this is a good time to develop your inner self, your spirituality, and work on being closer to deities in your life. Maybe you've realized you need to make a change, this is a good time to get started.

This is a good time to work on magic related to protection. Both physical and spiritual protection. Let the powers that be know you're in touch with yourself, and them this season, as you howl at the Wolf Moon. Just don't forget to dress warm!