Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I've been thinking a lot about the people that we meet. Running a hotel, I have a chance to meet a lot of people. The majority of them seem to constantly strive to affirm my belief that most people are generally stupid and lazy. Things like calling the front desk to ask if we have internet, when you could just turn on your device and check. Or calling down to ask what time breakfast is, when I tell everyone at check-in, AND not only is there a sign beside the door, there's a booklet in each room sharing information like that.

Then there are those few people. People that actually think about things, and have something intelligent to say. People who are witty, funny, and quick with a smile. People struggling through hard times. People standing outside the box.

By outside the box, I don't mean people with a lot of piercings and tattoos. That is outside the "norm", but just trying for the shock value, or trying to get a rise out of people isn't really being outside the box, and its really not original. Sometimes its people who dare to live, like the old guy jogging across the country... for the third time. Sometimes they're smiling, sometimes not, but often they're more soft spoken. They have a different feel, they're vibrating a little differently.

Sometimes they are people that you are instantly attracted to. Not necessarily physically, but something about them draws you in. You find yourself talking to them for hours. Sometimes its like you've known them forever... or maybe you knew them before.

Others you are instantly repelled by. I often wonder about these peole the most. Did we have some run in, in a past life? Is there something about their pheremones, and body chemistry? Are they someone that would harm me, or my family if given the chance? What is it that repels me so? Like same poles on a magnet, pushing each other away.

We're all energy vibrating at various frequencies. Maybe sometimes we're frequencies that compliment each other, like the chords on a piano. Other times, we clash, like when a child just bangs on a piano. And maybe sometimes, those special leaders...those that seem to have a natural talent for it. The shamans, the ones that draw you in, and others, and act much like a tuning fork, or a conductor, getting everyone in tune, bringing everyone together to compliment each other, and help you find your time and place in this giant orchestra of the universe.

Are you in harmony with the world around you? Do you try to be? Do you want to be?

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