Saturday, October 17, 2015

Should I keep going?

Writing I mean...or rather, writing on this blog.

I still get some views when I write, and I think about writing all the time, I'm just not sure if what I have to say is worth anyone's time reading. Sometimes I wonder if blogs are on their way out, or if its just blogger, or if its something else.

Its also hard to write on such a personal nature, but if it helps some other people out there, then that makes it worth it, but does it?

Many of the other people who I used to read have quit, or moved on to different things. Much of the time, for me, its just that "putting yourself out there" kind of thing. Especially as I still search for meaning, and purpose. People tend to judge you, or hold you to something you've said before, so sometime it feels like if you pick a path, and then later want to do something different, or realize that its the wrong path for you, that you can't go back. We're such critical creatures, especially in the U.S. Its not all "our" fault though, there is a lot of brainwashing that goes on in our culture to try and keep us that way. Remember when everyone was worried about the "commies"? We have a different boogeyman now days, but religion always plays a part.

Most people are constantly told what to see, think, feel, and it starts at birth. "...they Baden Powell all the boys, and Betty Crocker all the girls..." to quote a movie. Anything that doesn't fall into line with what you've been taught as "normal" gets labeled as some type of "deviant" behavior.

I guess that's my rant for the day. I'm feeling down, but sending out positive energy to all my readers!


Friday, September 25, 2015


Are we all lost like stars in the sky
Orbiting an unknown point in space
Destined to run around in circles
Until we finally choose a direction
Take control
And use those stars to plot our course

Are we rudderless ships in a vast sea of the unknown
Floating, drifting, aimless we crash
Beached wherever the wind happens to blow
Does our unknown destination harbor friend or foe

If we don't seek then we'll never find
The answers to our questions that we haven't even thought to ask
Is choosing the wrong direction better than having not chosen at all
For even then, knowledge is gained.
Wandering with a purpose, is not merely drifting

pick a direction
look for answers
seek to know
dare to be different
CHOOSE to be lost
FIND yourself.